To Be Clear, It’s Confusing

(a fiction story based on the five-minute freewriting word prompt, CLEAR)

To be clear, I never meant for anyone to die.

But maybe, before I get to that, we should back up a little, you know, start at the beginning. The beginning of what, exactly, I’m not sure, because there are a lot of beginnings to this story.

The beginning of when things started to go awry. The beginning of the dinner that led to the beginning of the conversation, that led to the beginning of when I started to scream, that led to the beginning of Kurt’s demise.

Again, let me be clear, it wasn’t supposed to go down this way. You have my word on that. And my word, well, take it for what it’s worth right now, but I’ve never gone back on my word.

Until that moment in the restaurant with Kurt.

But, again, I should start at the beginning. Maybe, I can start at the most recent beginning, the dinner, because I think you’ll get the picture of how things went awry if I tell you about dinner and the conversation that inspired.

If he just hadn’t asked me that question. He knew better than to ask me that question. We’d had that conversation many times, too many times to even count. But what difference does that make now, right? Because we sure won’t be having that conversation now. Or ever.

Anyway. The dinner started calmly enough. All pretty benign, really. The weather, the latest things in the news, all the typical cursory stuff, you know?

And then, he asked me that question.

Maybe he wanted to test my boundaries. Not a good choice. And, so, really, it’s not my fault. And, like I said, I didn’t go to dinner expecting to kill him. That part, well, that just happened.

And it never would have happened if he’d never asked me that question. [end]

This post is part of a series of short freewriting prompts based on a single word from Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday. With the word in mind, I tune into a writing playlist, typically choose two songs, and write without editing or stopping until the two songs are finished because showing up is just as important as the words that end up on the page.

Today’s word — clear.

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