Step Boldly into Your Creative Life

Curating a Creative Life — Tuesday Tidbits

Judith Heaney


credit — Melissa Wilt

If you’ve kept up with this series, I hope you feel inspired and encouraged to boldly pursue the creative life you are meant to live. Remember, living a creative life isn’t about being a writer or musician or artist. Instead, it’s about opening yourself up to the sacred moments our Creator has tucked into your life each day. Even what seems like the most mundane of tasks often holds a greater purpose than we recognize, at least at the time.

Personally, I like to couple this idea with gratitude because when we pause to consider being thankful for things like laundry (we have the means to do it, even if not the motivation), and dishes (we have food to prepare and serve our family), our ability to see a bigger picture and the impact we have on others becomes clearer to us.

As we move into the end of 2021 and the upcoming holiday season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, I hope you will spend some time reflecting on who you are not only created to be, but who God invites you to be and to do with and alongside Him. I’ve said previously I believe each of us is given opportunities to change the world in myriad ways but we won’t see those possibilities if we are not first seeking our Creator and then seeking the ways we can serve others.

credit — Dominique

With the flipping of the calendar, I am turning my attention to NaNo (writing 50K words in 30 days) for this month. I want to thank you for taking this journey with me. May your creative efforts bring you as much joy as they bring our Heavenly Father.