Lost in Familiar Places

Embracing the journey when I don’t know where I’m going

It doesn’t matter that I’ve reviewed the directions at least two, maybe three times. It doesn’t matter that I’ve loaded the address into my phone’s mapping system. When I ease the car into drive and start out on my journey, I feel a familiar sense of apprehension.

photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay

When I head out to a new place, I set out boldly but anxiously.

I am directionally challenged.

Please, don’t tell me to head east or north. And, please, don’t tell me street names. It won’t help. Even with the map app running on my phone and Siri’s voice telling me where and when to turn, there’s a good chance I’ll miss the street on which I’m supposed to turn.

I’ll pass it, reading the street sign as I do, groan inwardly and begin looking for a place to turn around.

And if I don’t miss my turn, I’ll spend most of my driving time asking myself, is this it? Is this the street? I’ll glance at the map as it keeps up with my car, me the green-moving arrow, searching for the place I’m looking for. I’ll study the streets that come before the one on which I’m supposed to turn; study them as much as I can in a glance.

Life can feel like that.

I’m not lost exactly. I just don’t know where the next turn is that will lead me to the place I’m going. Even so, I set out boldly even if somewhat anxiously. And I remind myself this is an adventure. I remind myself to embrace the journey as much as the destination. Because I am but a sojourner in an unfamiliar place no matter how familiar the landmarks seem. No matter how many times I’ve looked at and studied the map and prepared for where I’m going, the path feels unfamiliar.

photo credit: OrcaTec on Pixabay

Still I press onward, eager for the journey. I anticipate the wonder ahead despite my discomfort and fear of the unknowns ahead. I will myself to embrace the day, this sojourn through moments not yet mapped out. I whisper prayers for this moment and for the hours ahead, seeking to glimpse the world even for a moment through the Creator’s eyes rather than mine.

I know that when I look at my life, this world, this journey, with my heart, I will see extraordinary wonders in what might otherwise be considered ordinary moments. I yearn for the something more that comes from walking this journey by faith.

In this moment, as the silence and darkness embrace me this morning, I breathe in the anticipation of all things new. Right now, I will choose to embrace where I am and who I am even if I don’t know where I’m going right now. [End]

This post is part of a series of short freewriting prompts based on a single word from Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday. With the word in mind, I tune into a writing playlist, typically choose two songs, and write without editing or stopping until the two songs are finished. This morning, I wrote through four songs and still didn’t find what I wanted to say. And that’s okay; showing up is just as important as the words that end up on the page.

Today’s word — street.

follow my writing journey at http://judithheaney.com.

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