As this day draws to its close, I am firmly decided I will show up at this keyboard and create something. Sometimes, when the creativity seems to elude me because I’ve let so many other things come ahead of it during the day, I like to tempt myself to tap these keys without a lot of thought.

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I like to choose a word, hop over to Spotify and put on a short playlist (the one playing right now is 13 minutes and three songs long) and give myself permission to play with words and thoughts and ideas. I let them spill out and invite them to play with me.

Today, I’m borrowing the word, take, from the Five Minute Friday community. I used to be a with the writing crew over there but it’s been a while. Today one of their posts showed up in my Facebook feed and it seemed a perfect opportunity to release my heart and mind from the day’s duties and let them run among the visual imagery in my writer’s mind.

Without further explanation, a few thoughts centered around Take:

There is something about mornings, when I take my first sip of coffee and take the first moments with Jesus, my Bible in hand and my feet propped up on the couch. In the silence I take time to close my eyes and open my heart. I pour out words that are at times jumbled and stilted, but I know God hears them nonetheless.

photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay

The pages whisper ancient truths and my mind rests in His presence. When I turn the pages, it is like touching the hem of His robe and I am renewed, yesterday redeemed, the day set before me.

He invites me to take the path upon which He has set my feet this day. He knows I likely will resist and try my hand at taking control. But we both know my success rate is far smaller than when I let Him take the lead.

Those quiet moments invite me to surrender to the sacred. I breathe in the quiet and wrap my hands around my coffee mug and whisper my words, my prayers for peace and clarity and the desires of my heart to align with His. He takes all of me in those morning moments.

As this day comes to its close, I write these words as a reminder to begin and end with Him. Always.

And that’s a wrap for today, friends. The playlist is ending and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow.

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