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Love in Marriage: 365 Reasons I Love My Husband

Judith Heaney
4 min readNov 21, 2021

I think I first did a Love in Marriage writing project about 12 years ago. I remember wanting to start a daily writing habit through a blog, but I wasn’t certain what that would look like or involve. What I do remember is saying to David on either December 30 or 31 of that year that I needed a blog site ready to go January 1. He didn’t get a lot of lead time, but then neither did I. But I at least had a plan to start on January 1 and write a post every day through December 31 about the reasons I loved my husband.

photo: mine

There were a few days along the way I missed posting, but I turned the next post into two reasons and kept going. From this point in my life, I also remember the process being a little easier; finding a reason to write about each day didn’t feel like a challenge. This time around, there are some challenges. And I think I know the why behind those feelings — we’ve undergone some serious sh*t since the last time I took on writing about what love in marriage looks like.

Several years ago our relationship was strained to its breaking point and in some ways we are still resetting some things affected by that experience, still addressing some of the places that were weakened by that strain, and still clinging to the idea of thriving in our relationship for the…