Every Day, Sacred

Embracing the mystery of the divine

To step forth into the unknown is to embrace the mystery of this life we have been gifted. I don’t know about you, but more often than not, I have more questions than answers, and that can feel disconcerting and cause you to lose the balance you crave from this life.

photo credit: EvgeniT on Pixabay

But it is in the mystery where we discover true meaning, and, therefore, find the balance we seek. It is where we find beauty and wonder. It is where we find our true selves.

Mystery surrounds us, and with it, glimpses of the divine and a touch of the sacred. But if we are too focused on wanting answers, we miss the beauty of it all. The mystery of the universe, of time and space, of our lives and our very existence — who we are and what we were created to do in this world. These provide us the adventure for which our soul yearns and for which we were divinely designed.

Too often I push against those mysteries, demanding instead for the easy way. I talk often about figuring things out, but those tend to be things involving others, especially what my family needs from me and from the day that stretches before us.

Today, I want to embrace those mysteries. I want to step into them and breathe deeply the unknown and let the sacred nudge me into being. Because I think for so long I have been sleepwalking through my days. I have mistaken the obvious, the routine, and the rote actions of each day for living.

But that is not what the mystery whispers to me this morning.

Today, I want to wrap myself in the wonder, the unknown, the beauty, and the divine found only in the mysteries of each day. The way the universe stretches beyond what I can comprehend. The way the sun times its rising in the ebb and flow of time that is both immediate and eternal. The way my heart beats in time with eternal truths and sacred promises.

photo credit: EvgeniT on Pixabay

Today, I want to contemplate the beauty of a seed that awakens beneath the soil and unfurls toward the sun. I want to consider the timelessness of the tides that move across the vastness of oceans to the shore where my feet stand firmly upon infinite grains of sand. I want to stare up at the heavens and lose myself in the stars burning brightly and dying out, only a fraction of which my eye can see.

Today, I want to move with a confidence even in all that I do not yet know or understand as if it is indeed knowable if only I choose to trust and step into the mystery set before me.

This post is part of a series of short freewriting prompts based on a single word from Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday. With the word in mind, I tune into a writing playlist, choose two songs, and write without editing or stopping until the two songs are finished.

Today’s word — mystery.

follow my writing journey at http://judithheaney.com.

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