Create Soundtracks for Your Day

Curating a Creative Life — Monday Music

Judith Heaney


Have you ever experienced the kismet of music? When the right song played at just the right moment, the moment you most needed to hear it even if you didn’t realize it until the notes flowed around you and through you. Music can be the perfect balm for a hurting heart or the perfect backdrop to a celebration.

credit: Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

And, for many, music can be the perfect muse for creativity, whether you are creating a painting, a poem, a story, a meal or a memory. It can be just the right motivation for cleaning out a closet or junk drawer, also creative acts that not only make physical space but also create space in hearts, minds, and souls.

Creativity is as much about freeing ourselves and our spaces up to experience beauty and gratitude as it is about pouring ourselves into producing ideas, beauty, a business, a moment, a connection. Whether I am cleaning or writing or cooking or taking time to dream, music provides an atmosphere that invites delight and gratitude to settle in alongside us and opens us to the whispers of our Creator.

And so I encourage you to create playlists whether on Spotify or Amazon or another music subscription service. Curate songs to fit your tasks. Find music that fits your mood. Find lyrics that speak to your heart when you are hurting or…