Curating a Creative Life — Tuesday Tidbits

Confession: I am a book nerd and I buy books regularly.

Confession: Just about any time I step foot inside a bookstore, I find at least one book I need to rescue.

Confession: My to-be-read collection, if stacked in a single pile would be taller than me (I am 5’6”).

Curating a Creative Life — Monday Music

Music. It feeds my soul and carries me to creative realms & there is little else that helps me break through writer’s block than a good playlist. As a writer, I tune in to the lyrics and the story they tell. This in turn ignites my words & stories.


Curating a Creative Life — Sunday Sabbath

There are days when motivation is perhaps the most elusive part pursuing a creative life. Yesterday was one of those days. Yesterday was the kind of day where I had to push myself to do even the smallest tasks. …

Curating a Creative Life — Saturday Stories

Do you remember what it was like getting to drive yourself to school? Pretty cool, right? No having to wait for the bus or find a seat or deal with the cacophony of conversations all around you. …

Curating a Creative Life Series — Friday Photo

A Picture of Success

Curating a Creative Life Series — Friday Photo

I drive by this spot every morning after I drop my 11 year old off at school. With the cooler weather we’ve had this week, an ethereal quality has settled over the pond, rising in curls of mist…

Curating a Creative Life — Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday I talked about how some days are both busy and exhausting, filled with many small, seemingly innocuous and meaningless tasks that keep me moving almost all day long, consuming my time and energy. …

Curating a Creative Life — Wednesday Wonders

Some days are tiring. There’s a lot to do, I expend a lot of energy, and when the day is done, I look back and wonder if I did anything worthwhile. …

Curating a Creative Life — Tuesday Tidbits

I’m involved in an end of the year challenge created and hosted by New York Times best-selling author, Jon Acuff. It’s a challenge focused on helping us end the year on a successful note and setting ourselves up to head into 2022 with some positive momentum. The basic premise is…

Curating a Creative Life — Monday Music

Music is a powerful tool. We can use it when we work out and to keep us company on a solo road trip. We can use it to create the ambience for a get together with friends and to accompany a spontaneous dance party. But even more, we can use…

Curating a Creative Life — Sunday Sabbath

Each day, as I navigate my way through this incredibly broken world, it becomes clear just how much each of us needs to curate a creative life. Because I don’t know about you, but I find life outside the sanctuary of my four walls exhausting, and I don’t remember it…

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