It’s okay to embrace the mess along with the hope

This is for those of us who love Christmas but our homes may not reflect it the way we want it to.

It’s for those of us who clear off a surface to put out cherished Christmas decorations only to find the space covered up days or even hours after finishing the task.

It’s for those of us who work hard to organize our space, but it feels like a Sisyphean task and like we won’t ever be ready for Christmas. Our Christmas decorations sit in boxes or bins where the tree should go or are set beside the tree…

Sometimes, life looks a little bit like these woods; if there’s a path, I’m not seeing it. Mind you, I can see beauty and possibility, but definitely no clear or obvious path. The path is overgrown, overshadowed, and unknown to me. And you know what, I don’t like it.

I like to know what happens next. I like to have the answers. I like to think I can do this all on my own. But that’s not how life works most of the time. And I get that; I even understand why, at least deep in my heart. …

For years my husband tried to get me to listen to the Foo Fighters, but I stubbornly refused. I didn’t have any good reason for it, except maybe a bit of pride — I hate being late to the party of a popular trend. At the time I met my husband, the Foos had only been on the scene for five years, but he’d discovered them and I hadn’t.

I was a Foo Fool. Or Foo(l).

But there was no denying the awesome of Dave Grohl and company, including Taylor Hawkins on the drums. It was those incredible drum beats…

Don’t Lose Your Dream to Your Doubts

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In the early mornings, my dreams, the vision I have for my life, are not only clear to me, but they seem absolutely attainable. I can see them taking root in my life like a spring garden slowly coming to life after a long, dormant winter.

But even as I sit here with them in the quiet, my mind begins to stir into its daytime mode, abandoning thoughts of my dreams for the day ahead.

And that’s when it begins. Fear’s tendrils unfurl and doubt digs deeper into the fertile soil like choking weeds, seeking to overtake the sense of…

Finding Promise in the Stillness

photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay

As the new day dawns, I pause, watching the way the sun’s rising slowly brings light into the darkness, cueing the birds to their morning songs. Slowly, my mind stirs and I consider the hours ahead.

But, before I get too far along the path with my thoughts, I pause.

Right now, there are dreams, still groggy in my sleepy mind and there is quiet. There is a stillness that the rest of the day will not provide unless I seek it out. So in these moments, fresh from sleep, I pause because I want to embrace this silent stillness.

How will you live out this day you’ve been given?

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Every day we have the chance to speak life and reflect love into the lives of others. I wonder, how often do we take that opportunity. How often do I take that chance afforded to me?

Am I too focused on me and my life to infuse the life of another with hope and encouragement? Am I too distracted to love others?

Sometimes I find it easier to withdraw into myself. It’s safer. It requires less energy. It allows me to move through the world unnoticed, almost invisible, as if that were a power to covet.

We are designed for…

(a fiction story based on the five-minute freewriting word prompt, CLEAR)

photo credit: RobVanDerMeijden on Pixabay

To be clear, I never meant for anyone to die.

But maybe, before I get to that, we should back up a little, you know, start at the beginning. The beginning of what, exactly, I’m not sure, because there are a lot of beginnings to this story.

The beginning of when things started to go awry. The beginning of the dinner that led to the beginning of the conversation, that led to the beginning of when I started to scream, that led to the beginning of Kurt’s demise.


Stop planning to do what you’re designed to do

photo credit: Free-Photos on Pixabay

Sometimes we get so caught up in planning for the future, setting goals and striving for a better tomorrow that we miss out on today and all it has to offer us. Without today, without this moment, the goals we set are nothing more than dreams and ideas we hope to accomplish.

But what about today?

What will we do today to create that vision we have for tomorrow and for five years from now?

I have been guilty of telling myself I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll start again tomorrow. If I make bad choices today, it’s okay. …

Embracing the journey when I don’t know where I’m going

It doesn’t matter that I’ve reviewed the directions at least two, maybe three times. It doesn’t matter that I’ve loaded the address into my phone’s mapping system. When I ease the car into drive and start out on my journey, I feel a familiar sense of apprehension.

photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay

When I head out to a new place, I set out boldly but anxiously.

I am directionally challenged.

Please, don’t tell me to head east or north. And, please, don’t tell me street names. It won’t help. …

Embracing the mystery of the divine

To step forth into the unknown is to embrace the mystery of this life we have been gifted. I don’t know about you, but more often than not, I have more questions than answers, and that can feel disconcerting and cause you to lose the balance you crave from this life.

photo credit: EvgeniT on Pixabay

But it is in the mystery where we discover true meaning, and, therefore, find the balance we seek. It is where we find beauty and wonder. It is where we find our true selves.

Mystery surrounds us, and with it, glimpses of the divine and a touch of the…

Judith Heaney

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